How to become a CA

Qualifications Needed
All organisations and businesses need accurate financial information in order to grow and prosper, and all businesses need accountants.

Accountancy is, therefore, an essential business process within all organisations. Opportunities within the accountancy profession are many and varied, ranging from the recording, processing and drafting of basic financial information to the preparation of Annual Financial Statements for large companies listed on the stock exchange.

The ultimate qualification within the profession is that of a Chartered Accountant, and nearly a quarter of the directors of the Top 100 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange are Chartered Accountants. Their success in the tough financial world is no accident. An in-depth knowledge of accountancy creates an extremely disciplined approach to business. Together with an analytical ability, thinking in a systematic and logical way, and being able to work quickly and accurately with numbers, Chartered Accountants play an increasingly important role in the shaping of our economy.

Successful chartered accountants can expect to be well remunerated. The high level of educational and professional standards attained and the current shortages of chartered accountants in South Africa, make it one of the highest paid professions in the country.

At BDO South Africa, we can offer you a fulfilling future. You will work as a member of a team and gain hands-on experience across all aspects of the auditing discipline. You will be exposed to a broad range of clients and industries and will be given responsibility early on in your career.

Getting to that position means starting out on the right foot. We try to make our training as flexible as possible, but people do find that certain areas suit their interests and skills more than others.

When you join us, your interests and career path at BDO South Africa will be mapped out for you, in discussion with your manager. And we will work with you to help you develop the skills and expertise you need to grow with us and help us deliver the best possible service to our clients.

We are especially proud of the fact that all our staff have access to the latest information technology and are constantly trained on, and work with, computer auditing packages.

And, last but not least, we have a very high pass rate among our trainees. We believe this is because we offer all-round experience - you are guaranteed to work on a range of clients, across a range of industries and to cover all aspects of the auditing process.

For Audit staff we have a range of Audit courses throughout the Learnership contract time frame and we have regular Technical update sessions.

In addition to formal training courses, BDO offers on-the-job training with the support of all managers and directors and our performance appraisal process encourages continuous staff development. Each office has its own library and its own study assistance programme with study leave benefits.

Trainee Accountants

Year 1 & 2
  • Work under supervision of more qualified and more experienced persons
  • A trainee accountant gains exposure to a wide variety of businesses
  • Assist in carrying out basic audit tests, evaluating test results and drawing conclusions
Year 3
  • 3rd year training contract, you will usually have obtained a supervisory position
  • Co-ordinate the audit
  • Manage day to day operation of the audit team

Vacation work experience
We offer work experience for suitable trainees during the university holidays. This is invaluable for both you and us - you will quickly learn whether or not BDO South Africa is the firm for you, and likewise, we will have a head start in training you up before you become a permanent trainee staff member.

Training Outside Public Practice (TOPP) programme
BDO South Africa offers Training Outside Public Practice (TOPP) to our trainees to allow them to gain experience in financial management, financial accounting, taxation, information technology, internal auditing and cost and management accounting. Advantages of training under the TOPP programme include:

  • Hands on business experience
  • Dedicated training in financial management and all its functions
  • Broad exposure to a variety of business operations and management functions
  • Edge over those CAs who qualified the Training In Public Practice (TIPP) route and then left the profession, as they would have already established themselves in the company

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