About BDO




Giving clients the results they require is first and foremost in our minds. In doing this we develop long-term, sustainable relationships with them. As a leading mid-size professional services firm, we are capable of competing with the larger firms but are still small enough to care. We are agile, innovative and dynamic, thereby allowing us to adapt to each client's particular needs.

We believe that the following constitute the 'BDO difference':

  1. What matters to you, matters to us - Our distinctive reputation for client proximity is built upon our commitment to all our stakeholders that what is important to them is important to us. Our clients recognise us as their preferred adviser, appreciating our seamless service.
  2. We build lasting relationships - At BDO business is personal. Developing strong, personal relationships is at the forefront of our service approach, and the fact that many of our clients are long-standing is not by accident. By getting to know them personally and understanding their business operations, we are able to offer a tailored solution – each and every time. What sets us apart from our competitors is the way we see, listen and think about our clients. It is this dedication and commitment that helps us deliver distinctively different relationships and results.
  3. We are with you wherever you are - As your business progresses, it will go through many phases. It is from our exposure to multinational corporations, entrepreneurs and private individuals that we have gained the knowledge to support and guide you through these. We have a wide range of solutions to meet your needs. With a global network of more than 1,200 offices in 151 countries, we can service clients on an international scale – wherever they are in the world.
  4. BDO is always ahead of the game - We have a partner-led approach, which delivers the highest quality of service by using short, functional chains of communications to aid decision-making. Clients benefit from our fresh thinking, constructive challenge and practical understanding of the issues they face.
  5. We give sound, uncomplicated advice - We keep it simple. We aim to ensure that clients understand everything we do, and are happy with the way we go about doing it. We cut through the jargon to provide meaningful advice that is relevant to the situation you may face.

There is a growing need for additional choice in the provision of professional services. BDO is the obvious alternative.

BDO South Africa is part of the BDO International network.

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