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Payrolls are a vital component to the successful functioning of any business. BDO Business Services offer corporates, small to medium sized enterprises and business owners a professional approach to this sensitive cycle. With our comprehensive knowledge of the related legislation we simplify the process to remove the headache of payroll so that businesses can focus on their areas of expertise. To find out more about this service and what it is offered within it, click here.

One of the critical business success factors is keeping tabs on the cash flow. And yet this activity requires a host of administrative and repetitive tasks that divert your focus and are time-consuming.

Why not outsource this routine but essential function? It will be handled with expertise, care and reliability by your BDO adviser. We undertake all forms of accounting and record keeping, and you can rest assured that your records will be maintained accurately and timeously.

BDO's reputation for quality and integrity lends credibility and reliability to our client's financial information, and our local and international exposure and perspective keep you on top of industry trends.

Services include:

  • Monthly management accounts
  • Annual financial statements
  • Processing of accounting records
  • Payroll processing
  • Cash flow forecasts

But we know that it's one thing knowing your financials, it's another getting advice partnered with your financials. You need your accountant to be able to give you sound business advice, based on real time financial information.

You need an advisor who can augment your current resources with experience, technology and insight. That is why we have launched BDO Business Services & Advisory.

BDO Business Services & Advisory gives you immediate access to all the information you need to make sound business decisions using Xero, an innovative online accounting software programme.

As Africa's first Platinum Partner to Xero we provide an easy-to-use dashboard that provides you with an instant and accurate snapshot of your company's financial situation, as and when you need it.

Using Xero add-on, CrunchBoards, the world's first real-time business planning engine that marks the shift from traditional spreadsheets and generic, static dashboards to dynamic financial intelligence, business owners get to understand exactly how their business is performing today and against targets without working offline, risking data errors or struggling to navigate the information.

CrunchBoards is an award winning cloud-based platform that draws on your Xero data to create simple user-friendly reports that provide you with real-time analysis on how your organisation is performing.

CrunchBoards will be able to assist you and your management team to see your organisation in a whole new way, including:

  • monitoring current performance to see how you're tracking against targets
  • looking back at your historical results to assist with reporting and understand underlying trends
  • forecasting with multiple scenarios

It also allows BDO to provide you with timely and cost-effective business growth advice and business intelligence that you can action immediately.

Forget dashboards, we're talking online, real-time flexible reporting with stunning simplicity.

Watch the video on how BDO and Crunchboards can make your business reach its true potential.

Your personal BDO advisor will guide you on exactly what the numbers mean for your business today and how you can use them to grow your business tomorrow.

Switching to BDO Business Services & Advisory means you receive a tailor-made financial solution for your business coupled with our knowledge and experience all designed to take your business to the next level.

We are pleased to announce that we have been approved by Momentum as a service provider for accounting ,tax, payroll and auditing solutions included in their latest product, which has been developed to cater for all business needs of small to medium size businesses. Please follow the link to access full details of this new product offering from Momentum.

Momentum for Small Business provides you with cover for emergencies at your primary business premises that requires an electrician, plumber, locksmith, glazier or a pest controller. They can quickly arrange a service provider and automatically notify emergency services on your behalf if required. Click here to find out more about this special offer from BDO and Momentum.

To find out more about BDO Business & Advisory Services, click here

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