BDO Corporate Finance Transactional Services

Due diligence is the backbone of our division and we have an impressive resume of high-profile clients for whom we have performed work.

BDO Corporate Finance is in the unusual position that we have international experience with a local touch and this gives us a decided edge on the competition. We are small enough to provide flexibility and invest in relationships yet big enough to meet international standards and provide quality of service.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is an important part of an acquisition process. It gives the buyer of the business increased peace of mind through an independent assessment of the risk and opportunities of the proposed transaction.

  • Acquisition due diligence

    A BDO corporate finance due diligence adds value to the transaction process by focusing on the key matters, such as those likely to affect the price or cause post acquisition difficulties. We take pride in giving clients impartial and sound advice and in ensuring that we uncover the issues and work with our clients in understanding the implications for them. We always base the scope of our due diligence on the client's specific requirements, recognising that due diligence is not a "one size fits all" service.

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  • Vendor due diligence

    We provide sound and independent reports that are well known and trusted in the market place. We understand the buyer's perspective, allowing us to tailor a scope of work that ensures an efficient and effective transaction process.

    We work with clients to assess the most appropriate method of preparing a company for sale including options other than vendor due diligence. Our commitment is to provide objective advice to help clients complete the right deal at the right price.

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    Pre-lending advice and independent business review

    Be sure your investment is secure

    In the fast moving and increasingly competitive business environment of the 21st Century, deciding whether to lend money to a business, or enter into a new transaction can bring some unique challenges at the best of times let alone when there are some unusual features.

    At such times, it can help to have the reassurance of a detailed assessment performed by an independent transaction support specialist.

    A review by BDO will provide you with a clear indication of the viability of the proposition to help you make a sound evaluation of the risk of investing new or additional funds.

    Restoring confidence to lenders

    An independent business review provides the opportunity to look in depth at a business's performance and evaluate both its financial and strategic plan for the future. Each review is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the lender and the business ensuring maximum added value.

    BDO's approach is holistic (it is not a financial audit), practical, timely, and focuses on the key areas and important issues.