BDO Consulting Services is a subsidiary of BDO South Africa advisory (Pty) ltd.

We offer a tailored approach to every client and our people have the skills and experience to take responsibility for the work they do. We are agile and quick in responding to client demands. Our approach involves listening to our clients, understanding their expectations and delivering the calibre of service associated with a leading global financial services firm. We are proud to be 64.5% black owned, with a current B-BBEE rating of 2.

Our services include:

  • Insights through analytics
  • Data cleansing
  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Procurement Advisory services
  • Software Assessment Management
  • VAT Optimisation

Insights through analytics:

Analytics offers organisations an opportunity to leverage data in order to effectively manage risk and/or unlock growth. Our services include:

  • Audit and risk analytics
  • ERP and VAT analytics
  • Marketing campaign and optimisation
  • Revenue assurance and business rescue
  • Data quality improvement and
  • Business intelligence optimisation

Organisations locally and around the world wonder whether they are getting full value from the massive amounts of information they already have within their organisations. Companies are collecting more data than ever before with no idea of the value that can be obtained from the data.

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Data Cleansing:

In the absence of hard facts and one coherent view of an organisation, poor decision making often results in poor revenue collection, low customer retention and supplier overpayments. BDO Consulting Services will assist you in making your organisation more efficient and effective through closely analysing your organisations data, systems, processes and people-related information. This will provide you with an accurate and comprehensive view of information within your organisation. Click here to download our full Data Cleansing brochure

Organisational effectiveness:

Maximising Organisational Effectiveness results in these fields

It is imperative the companies ensure talent within the organisation is aligned with business strategies and that the organisational structure promotes achievement and delivery of service to customers, in order to stay current and ahead of their competitors.

We work closely with our clients to prioritise workforce strategies, creating clarity around context. When people understand the “why” of the organisation and their particular role, they tend to contribute and perform better.

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Procurement Advisory Services

With legislative changes and increasing competition, both public and private sector organisations need to use their time to focus on what they do best. Effective procurement strategies and well-managed supply chains enable organisations to do just that. This brings measurable changes in company performance as well as the following benefits:

Procurement Advisory Services

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Software Asset Management:

A Software Asset Management (SAM) programme can return R5 to R10 for every R1 invested. Companies investing a minimum of 3% of their annual operating budgets into IT asset management programmes (including SAMs) can expect a 25% reduction in total cost of ownership.

The risk of non-compliance of software is increasing in organisations. BDO can assist in mitigating this through:

  • Due diligence
  • Control design and implementation; and
  • Audit remediation

Research shows that SAM programmes require more than a tool to be successful; it is an integrated initiative requiring process redesign and dedicated resources for all possible benefits to be fully realised. Similarly, there is no such thing as a big, one-time payback from SAM. It is a series of incremental steps or stages that lead to savings over time.

At BDO we will approach your Software Asset Management through:

  • Consolidation
  • Validation
  • Reporting
  • Remediation
  • Maintenance

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VAT Optimisation:

BDO Consulting uses leading-edge data and systems-based solutions to assist vendors locally and globally to optimise Vale-Added Tax (VAT) functions. We help clients improve their indirect tax compliance while assisting them to eliminate leakage.

Through our global network and our specialist VAT experts we achieve value for our clients in the following ways:

VAT Optimisation

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