Systems Consulting

Enterprise Intelligence and Data Quality Improvement

We assist our clients to improve the quality of their data and to subsequently leverage this data to realise business benefits based on the implementation of appropriate data integration, analysis and reporting technologies.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Working from an accepted baseline specification, (ISO/IEC 19970 Standard on SAM), we review existing SAM practices and work with our clients to improve them.

Project Management Optimisation

This solution provides our clients with a rich set of tools for project planning, estimating, budgeting, resource allocation and time capture.

VAT Optimisation

We assist our clients to bridge the divide between accounting convention and VAT principles. We have developed a solution that aligns accounting systems with VAT legislation to create the most efficient mechanism for input tax recovery, usually resulting in a significant permanent cash injection into the business.

Risk and control monitoring

Our continuous monitoring solution utilises data analysis technologies capable of continuous monitoring. This solution runs alongside operational applications systems, thereby adding an additional control layer and improving the process of checking compliance with controls and exception reporting.