Compliance and Governance

Regulatory Compliance

BDO Consulting have extensive experience in assisting organisations to understand their requirements in terms of regulations, and design, implement, and assess the required IT controls to reach and maintain compliance.

Internal Audit Support

The Internal Audit function has, over the years evolved into a complex function that is responsible for overseeing all areas of an organisation, from overall business processes, to highly specialised and technical IT functions. Furthermore, external audit entities are placing more reliance on the work performed by an internal audit department, in support of their financial and statutory audit expressions.

Due to the specialist knowledge required to review, assess, and report on the IT control environment, there is often a lack of in-house resources available to perform these tasks.

Our leadership and management team have extensive experience in the support of Internal Audit departments, having held key positions with "Big 4" internal audit co-sourcing, and outsourcing arrangements.

Control Design & Implementation

It is critical to build an efficient, yet effective control environment, which is consistently applied within the organisation. BDO Consulting can assist your organisation to design and implement an sustainable efficient control environment, that is cost-effective, and that provides measurable benefit to your organisation.

Audit Remediation

In today's economic climate, there is a requirement for all organisational business units to "do more with less", while the control environments they operate in are becoming more focused and sometimes, more onerous.

This results in business unit management not having the required time to prepare of audits, remediate the backlog of audit control issues, and focus on the operational aspects of their business. We have extensive experience in assessing IT control environments, and can efficiently assist business units to identify the "root causes" of issues, and to manage their IT control environments to a sustainable, cost-effective, compliant state.