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17 October 2019

In BDO’s 2023: The Near Future of Oil & Gas, BDO’s Oil & Gas leaders around the world make 5 predictions for the global sector by 2023.

17 October 2019

Arms race for rare earths, alternative financing solutions and greater push for transparency expected to shake up global mining sector by 2023

11 October 2019

Improving your organisation’s maturity level? In our white paper entitled ‘A pragmatic approach to enhancing cyber security’, we explain what a company needs to do to address key cyber risks and draw up a pragmatic roadmap to help you do this.

11 October 2019

As noted by the top ten trends in cyber security, the risk of a massive cyber breach negatively impacting a company’s reputation and market value is ever increasing. Thus, all companies need to fully understand the value of the information assets they possess, the cyber security related risk of a...

11 October 2019

Cyber-attacks arguably pose the single biggest modern threat to businesses. The number of cyber-attacks, their level of sophistication, and the financial and reputational impact they have all continue to increase at an alarming rate.

11 October 2019

The weakest component within an organisation – the people Facts: The number of reported phishing emails keep increasing significantly (almost 40% versus last year) Because more phishing emails were/are reported, people will become increasingly more aware, and cybersecurity authorities are able to...

11 October 2019

oday, virtually all industries and governments are intrinsically and fundamentally dependent on critical infrastructure. But how do you define it? A critical infrastructure can be defined as any system or asset, whether physical or virtual, that is vital to a country’s national security.

03 October 2019

The problem with trust is that it’s often assumed and not necessarily earned, writes BDO Johannesburg Managing Partner Bert Lopes. 

02 October 2019

As foreshadowed by the Minister of Finance in his Budget speech on 20 February 2019, the Draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill of 2019 (the Draft Bill) contains proposals aimed at broadening the scope of the anti-avoidance rules dealing with dividend stripping. The 2019 Budget was somewhat vague...

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