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23 January 2019

            Taxpayer Wins R66 Million Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) Case Against SARS          

22 January 2019

Junior mining projects in South Africa are able to benefit from a significant tax incentive in the form of a tax deduction for the full amount of the investment into an approved Section 12J Venture Capital Company.

22 January 2019

BDO presents its ‘10 Tech Predictions for 2019’ report. We discuss how tech companies can scale sustainably without sacrificing their ambitions. 

22 January 2019

Starting your first job and getting your first payslip is an exciting experience in anyone’s life. But what exactly does that payslip mean, and what should you do with the funds in your first salary?

21 January 2019

It has been said that the slippery slide to alcohol or drug dependency starts with that first drink or that first joint. Depending on the sort of addictive personality involved, this seems to trigger a reaction and the result is complete dependency.

14 January 2019

The period of uncertainty and caution exhibited over the last few years which saw many of the ASX Listed Junior Explorers take their foot off the accelerator, may have come to an end.

10 January 2019

CANADA: Québec Sales Tax changes for non-residents of Québec fast approaching \ GERMANY: Update on consignment stocks, vouchers, and electronic marketplaces \ ITALY: Italy invoicing – New requirements \ MALAYSIA: Re-implementation of Sales and Service Tax

10 January 2019

CANADA - British Columbia employer health tax effective from 1 January 2019\ FRANCE - Social security contributions \ HONG KONG - Transitional arrangement for salaries tax in relation to double taxation relief \ IRELAND - Real-time reporting in Ireland

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