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29 November 2018

An often-underestimated risk to an organisation is human capital risk. Most of the failures attributed to companies are in fact lapses by individuals, despite organisations having risk management processes and governing systems in places.

26 November 2018

How human capital is managed within an organization is crucial to that organisation’s success. Yet too often human resources (HR) functions are treated as a compliance exercise. Nowhere is this more evident than in the common misalignment between a firm’s strategy and its internal policies and...

16 November 2018

In the last three years alone, banks and financial institutions experienced 154 publicly reported data breaches that compromised nearly 150 million records.As cyberattacks on financial institutions have shown no signs of slowing down in 2018, we have chosen to focus our 2018 Q3 Cyber Threats...

16 November 2018

It includes expert commentary on recent trends, predictions for the coming year and forecasts of sector activity through our heat chart which predicts the most active sectors for company sales. Whether you are active on the buy or sell side or just alert to the latest opportunities, Horizons will...

15 November 2018

In an earlier article I covered a simple rule of thumb method for determining the value of your business, and explained that often the best way to approach this is via the product of a ‘multiple’ applied to the Future Net Maintainable Earnings (FNME). Whilst this simple approach can provide the...

08 November 2018

The South African Restructuring Review is the go-to handbook for answering all your restructuring questions when facing a difficult financial situation.

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