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07 September 2017

With HiPo’s and talent being some of the buzzwords in industry right now, HR professionals and decision makers in businesses seem to have a common understanding of their importance in the war for talent. But the question is what makes one HiPo better than another, and when is a HiPo ready to be...

07 September 2017

In 2016 cybercrime cost the global economy over $450 billion; over two billion personal records were stolen and, in the US alone, more than 100 million people had their medical records stolen

07 September 2017

Despite the recent volatility in commodity markets, the Natural Resources sector is experiencing a renewed interest with continued investment and commodity demand particularly from emerging markets.

04 September 2017

South Africa issued a White Paper on Immigration Policy in 1999. The White Paper has not kept up with the various changes in the last 18 years. These include substantial increases in the global mobility of workforces (migrants increased from 12.3 million in 2011 to 16.5 million in 2016), and the...

30 August 2017

Those of us with long memories will remember when the government brought out the proposed changes to the contributions and the retirement conditions for Pension and Provident Funds. Part of this legislation referred to the encashment of provident funds at retirement and the rules regarding the...

29 August 2017

If you find yourself faced with the opportunity to buy an already established business there are many things that you need to consider, and questions that need asking, before signing on the dotted line.

28 August 2017

The media recently reported that October 2017’s Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) could again hold nasty surprises for taxpayers on tax collection shortfalls, and rumours of state capture spreading into more parts of government.

24 August 2017

Johannesburg, 24 August 2017 – In a new white paper published today, BDO’s global cybersecurity leadership group stresses the importance of businesses gaining an understanding of their unique risk profiles in order to ensure the right cyber insurance for their needs.

24 August 2017

Increasingly, cyber insurance is being used as a vehicle for transferring part of an organisation’s residual financial and legal risk to insurance cover. Download BDO's 2017 white paper, 'Cyber Insurance, Managing the Risk', which provides a roadmap helping organisations to ensure that a cyber...

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