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12 October 2018

The Department of Trade and Industry has proposed various changes to the Act to align with modern international corporate trends and to address the problematic areas by closing some loopholes in the Act. Many of these changes are technical in nature, however, the following proposed amendments are...

03 October 2018

BDO has conducted throughout 2018 discussions with CFOs from hundreds of global industries, including financial services, healthcare, government contracting, automotive, manufacturing, private equity, and law firms. In these conversations, it became apparent that CFOs are frustrated by a ‘knowing...

17 September 2018

During life we have so many pressing factors to consider – career, business, income, tax, education, investments... We’re dealing with the present to ensure a stable, secure future, and it may seem “unnecessary” to incur further costs to draft a will.

17 September 2018

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14 September 2018

The terms of reference of the contested SARS Commission of Inquiry, currently sitting, include the impact of the conduct of SARS management on the public image of SARS upholding the basic values and principles governing public administration envisaged in section 195 of the Constitution. In terms...

13 September 2018

Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs) generally require funding. Although donations are much needed they do have their own tax implications. A question that often gets asked is, “When should a section 18A certificate be issued?

13 September 2018

The need for affordable quality education stimulated an increase in the number of private schools in South Africa. The provision of educational services and the supply of ancillary goods and services directly related thereto and necessary to provide educational services are exempt from VAT...

08 August 2018

The recent improvements in computer networking technology coupled with highly efficient storage mechanisms have led to the rise of high-speed connectivity and given organisations and individuals the ability to move large amounts of data / information over the internet to cloud storage.

07 August 2018

A recent ruling by the Constitutional Court clarified sections of the Labour Relations Act, confirming that in the case of an employee assigned to a client company by a Temporary Employment Service (TES), or labour broker, for the first three months the TES is the employer, after which the client...

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