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20 June 2018

Following the recently launched draft Mining Charter, a stability clause has also been proposed and this is exactly what our country needs right now, to allay investor fears and encourage much-needed investment in a struggling sector,” says Bert Lopes, Natural Resources Head at audit firm, BDO.

18 June 2018

In the February 2018 National Budget Speech the Minister of Finance announced a VAT rate increase from 14 to 15 per cent that took effect on 01 April 2018. The increase is expected to raise an additional R22.9 billion in 2018/19. The increase’s potential impact on poor and low-income households...

15 June 2018

As any business grows, data sharing increases in both volume and frequency. Every one of these digital relationships presents an expanding set of cyber risks. Cyber security has become a major priority for every organisation. The right controls and procedures must be put in place to detect...

23 May 2018

A selection of M&A deals completed during the last year showcasing some of the experience that our worldwide teams have.

23 May 2018

A selection of Private Equity deals completed during the last year showcasing some of the experience that our worldwide teams have.

23 May 2018

Each quarter BDO’s Mergers & Acquisitions team analyses global deal activity across a number of regions and selected sectors around the world; we offer you a satellite view of how the M&A market is evolving - and where it appears to be heading. 

23 May 2018

Cybersecurity is a growing risk factor in the Private Equity (PE) marketplace within the U.S. and worldwide. Cyber-attacks are increasing in sophistication and magnitude of impact across all industries globally. According to a recent report issued by the U.S. Security Exchange Commission (SEC...

17 May 2018

Retirement is a lifestyle or financial change and involves leaving employment and or ceasing work at a specified age. The concept was first introduced by the Romans and paid as a pension to reward those who had served in the military. In the 19th century, the German chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck,...

04 May 2018

Having worked in the accounting profession for more than 20 years, largely assisting small and medium-sized businesses across a diverse range of industries, I have gained some valuable insights into what makes a small business thrive, or fail.

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