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09 October 2017

The three most common failings of security plans, are that they are incomplete, inappropriate, or ineffective. To explain this, one of the most critical failings in security management programs is to sustain the relevance of plans through optimum testing and exercising. Truly 'testing' an...

04 October 2017

Although many aspects of cybersecurity are rooted in technology, a change in understanding is emerging among executives and stakeholders - such as regulators and shareholders that cyber risk’s historical technology perspective benefits from the  business approaches that are native to the finance...

27 September 2017

Ahead of Financial Planning Week 2017 (2 – 6 October) BDO Wealth Advisers are launching their second e-Book, titled – The BDO Wealth Advisers’ Guide to being business savvy: making money decisions that create wealth.

11 September 2017

One of the most difficult aspects we have had to deal with in recent years, is to ensure that clients realise the importance of having a valid Will in place.

11 September 2017

Reviewing and reporting on culture in Banks is now an expected and important part of the internal audit, and the updated FS Code reinforces and extends this requirement.

11 September 2017

As potential franchisees make sense of all the information and start finalising their top picks, they often neglect key factors in the evaluation and viability decision-making process.

07 September 2017

With HiPo’s and talent being some of the buzzwords in industry right now, HR professionals and decision makers in businesses seem to have a common understanding of their importance in the war for talent. But the question is what makes one HiPo better than another, and when is a HiPo ready to be...

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