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12 December 2019

The construction industry is due for a digital renovation. Faced with challenges around project efficiencies, ongoing safety concerns and flatlining labor productivity levels, the industry’s sluggish adoption of new technologies has reached an inflection point. Digital transformation requires...

10 December 2019

We live in a very patriarchal society, where in many instances the man of the house sees himself as responsible for the finances of the family.

19 November 2019

Faced with a deluge of competing and often volatile priorities, public company board directors’ oversight responsibilities have reached new heights.

19 November 2019

Confidence in the shipping industry fell in the past three months to its lowest level for two and half years, according to the latest Shipping Confidence Survey from leading shipping adviser and accountant BDO

19 November 2019

With women entering the workspace in greater numbers than ever before, it becomes vital that we gain the full benefit of an engaged, motivated female workforce. Recent research metrics however show lower engagement for women than for men. If we’re going to improve this situation, it’s crucial...

18 November 2019

Developed as an Interpretation of IAS 12, IFRIC 23 has been put into effect to promote transparency of both financial and tax data and relates to income taxes specifically dealt with under the ambit of IAS12.

12 November 2019

Johannesburg, 24 October – In a week that reflected a less than sunny two-year decline in overseas tourism numbers, followed by flights being grounded due to technicalities – recent news that unabridged birth certificates may soon fall away is the first ray of light for a destination that should...

07 November 2019

BDO’s specialist property advisory team estimates that there will be demand for as many as 400 000 additional housing units in Durban’s inner city by 2023 and 15% of this demand will need to be met through the provision of social and affordable housing options, i.e. subsidised housing.

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