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25 July 2019

South Africa has a sophisticated business regulatory environment, in line with the best in the world. We can thus be assured that we adhere to global standards. However, the question needs to be asked whether our business regulations are an enabler of local business development, or if they in...

23 July 2019

Before we unpack the drop in the Repo rate, it is good to remind ourselves of the main reason that the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) exists.

22 July 2019

In an earlier article I covered a simple rule of thumb method for determining the value of your business, and explained that often the best way to approach this is via the product of a ‘multiple’ applied to the Future Net Maintainable Earnings (FNME).

09 July 2019

Asking anyone how their retirement plans are going will usually send their blood pressure soaring. This is mostly because retirement and death are two life realities that we least enjoy talking about and are most ill-prepared for.

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