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20 February 2019

The proposed amendments to VAT on electronic services, effective 1 April 2019, raised a few concerns. They widened the definition of electronic services and pulled electronic services between group companies into the VAT on electronic services net. This would have resulted in a non-resident...


Articles: Property gets a positive boost post budget speech

20 February 2019

Property may have received less airtime than some may have hoped for, but the Budget contained some positive take-aways.

20 February 2019

Treasury (and SARS) proposed several mitigating procedures to curb several Customs and Excise evasion areas. SARS started redrafting the aged Excise Duty legislative framework to align it with international norms. SARS will engage representative industry bodies and government to contribute to the...

20 February 2019

In line with Mr Ramaphosa’s commitment to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) through, amongst other things, making South Africa more business-friendly, the revision of anomalous provisions of certain tax incentives, aimed to promote investment, is welcomed.

20 February 2019

This was a pragmatic approach to a current fiscal problem and I think the Minister dealt with it in a methodical way, not through ”Knee jerk” tax increases, but rather relying on inflation to increase the tax income, with the rebate sweetener.

20 February 2019

In line with expectations Finance Minister Tito Mboweni did not increase tax rates for income tax, Vat and capital gains tax. For the first time in many years, tax rates have remained unchanged from prior years and the only relief available to individual taxpayers has been a very small increase...

20 February 2019

The 2018 Budget announced below-inflation increases to medical tax credits (over the next 3 years), to assist Government in implementing the National Health Insurance System. The Minister, however, did not announce increases in the medical tax credit (from 2018) today.

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