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01 December 2016

IFRS Intelligence is a regular newsletter that provides an update on new BDO International IFRS publications and reference material. In addition, it includes a complete list of publications and reference material that is available for your use.

11 November 2016

At BDO Wealth Advisers we are your confidante in life and business, helping you make better decisions to find the right solutions. We do this through trusted, independent, professional financial and wealth management advice which is delivered by a superior client service experience and supported...

09 November 2016

Download our Budget Pocket Guide, if you are Looking for a pocket guide summary of the Budget 2016?

06 October 2016

IFRS does not require the preparation of interim financial statements. Paragraph 36 in IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements only requires that: ‘An entity shall present a complete set of financial (including comparative information at least annually’.

05 October 2016

We are the South African member firm of the BDO International network. The global BDO network provides audit, tax and advisory services in 154 countries, with over 64,300 people working out of over 1,400 offices worldwide.

05 October 2016

Our Tax and Financial Planning experts join together to provide you insights into the Budget Speech: 2016.

03 October 2016

With South Africa becoming a signatory of the Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (“AEoI”) in tax matters, also known as the Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) and the automatic exchange of information by South Africa from September 2017, the Special Voluntary...

29 September 2016

In  order  to  comply  with  paragraph  30  in  IAS  8  Accounting  Policies,  Changes  in  Accounting  Estimates  and Errors entities need to make disclosures about new IFRSs that have been issued but are not yet effective when they have decided not apply the new IFRSs at their reporting date...

27 September 2016

This is a publication. IFRS INTERPRETATIONS COMMITTEE - AGENDA REJECTIONS (SEPTEMBER 2016) This Bulletin summarises issues that the IFRS Interpretations Committee (the Interpretations Committee) decided not to take onto its agenda at its September 2016 meeting, which were reported in its public

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