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20 June 2019

Social media and the 24 hour news cycle are putting businesses at risk as “hype” distracts from the more serious threats to businesses. Business risk assessment and management is being impacted by “Black swans”; attention grabbing issues that are not easy to predict.

15 February 2019

Software company founders and CEOs continually see messages from private equity (PE) firms land in their inbox. Hidden amongst the many emails may be the perfect opportunity to take your company to the next level or achieve an optimal exit – but how can you know which message it is? The answer to...

22 January 2019

BDO presents its ‘10 Tech Predictions for 2019’ report. We discuss how tech companies can scale sustainably without sacrificing their ambitions. 

16 November 2018

It includes expert commentary on recent trends, predictions for the coming year and forecasts of sector activity through our heat chart which predicts the most active sectors for company sales. Whether you are active on the buy or sell side or just alert to the latest opportunities, Horizons will...

02 October 2018

One of the most asked questions when considering the sale of a business is how to find a suitable buyer. Quite naturally the owner wants to consider all of his options to make sure that he will maximise the sale price. 

02 October 2018

There are numerous ways to value  a business, but which one can help me arrive at a useful approximation –  specifically if I want to sell my business?

20 September 2018

Our Africa Desk Leader recently attended a meeting in Mauritius to ascertain various tax updates happening on the island. This report looks at some of the key insights into Tax in Mauritius as at September 2018.

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