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22 October 2018

Business Restructuring Director, Dawie van der Merwe unpacks the key restructuring developments in the SA construction sector. Is business rescue still relevant?

19 October 2018

By way of example, some ten years ago when the construction industry was at an all-time high, the market cap for Aveng was at R27b, and today it sits much lower at R970m. During the past 12 months, it became abundantly clear that the construction sector in South Africa is under siege by the...

18 October 2018

While many aspects of cyber security are rooted in technology, there is a growing need for finance professionals in organizations to take ownership of their cyber security program. Finance executives can add value to an organization’s cyber security strategy, focusing on critical areas including...

18 October 2018

South African businesses are, for a large part, uninformed and risk averse towards securing IOT. Enterprise, industrial and commercial IoT is a sticking point for business, particularly in South Africa, where boards of directors and senior executives are not yet knowledgeable about the benefits...

16 October 2018

On 21 June 2018, the US Supreme  Court issued its widely anticipated  decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair.  In a 5-4 decision, the Court upheld  South Dakota's application of an economic  presence rule for purposes of determining  state sales/use tax nexus (or jurisdiction to  tax). Prior to the...

12 October 2018

The Department of Trade and Industry has proposed various changes to the Act to align with modern international corporate trends and to address the problematic areas by closing some loopholes in the Act. Many of these changes are technical in nature, however, the following proposed amendments are...

11 October 2018

Co-authored by our Head of People and Business Solutions, Jaco Nel, this book introduces a framework to assist human resource practitioners and organisations embrace strategies that will drive high engagement levels within organisations with a union presence. The authors address established...

03 October 2018

BDO has conducted throughout 2018 discussions with CFOs from hundreds of global industries, including financial services, healthcare, government contracting, automotive, manufacturing, private equity, and law firms. In these conversations, it became apparent that CFOs are frustrated by a ‘knowing...

02 October 2018

One of the most asked questions when considering the sale of a business is how to find a suitable buyer. Quite naturally the owner wants to consider all of his options to make sure that he will maximise the sale price. 

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