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08 November 2017

The Taxation Laws Amendment Bill of 2017 (released on 25 October) contains proposals that will result in a significant compliance burden for companies, even although it may not always result in additional taxation. The proposal deals with disposals of shares in a company (say “A”) held by another...

07 November 2017

This Bulletin summarises issues that the IFRS Interpretations Committee (the Interpretations Committee) decided not to take onto its agenda at its September 2017 meeting, which were reported in its public newsletter (the IFRIC Update).

06 November 2017

Historically, the age 65 has attained that almost mythical status of being “The” age at which people retire from the work place and fade away into the, once again, mythical connotation of retirement and living out the rest of their days in glorious leisure and contemplation.

28 October 2017

Energy and renewables buy big data and AI companies in an effort to better manage energy yield predictions. BDO’s mergers and acquisition practice reports that M&A between energy, renewables and AI/big data companies shot up 50% over the past 12 months, with average reported deal value from 500M...

23 October 2017

Debt relief has become a familiar subject in the current economic climate. In the absence of group taxation in South Africa, intra-group debt relief often had unforeseen tax consequences. In lieu of writing-off intra-group debt, companies often settle through share issues.

23 October 2017

Last week we saw the largest data leak in South African history and yes, you are almost certainly affected. Below I briefly answer some of the most common questions I’ve been asked over the last few days:

20 October 2017

On Wednesday we saw the largest data leak in South African history and yes, you are almost certainly affected.

16 October 2017

As the costs of effective security-building are spiralling, it has become imperative to prioritize investment based on more than just guess work or to various degrees, in response to experts that paint a bleak picture of the threat environment.

09 October 2017

The three most common failings of security plans, are that they are incomplete, inappropriate, or ineffective. To explain this, one of the most critical failings in security management programs is to sustain the relevance of plans through optimum testing and exercising. Truly 'testing' an...

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