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21 July 2017

Insurance in today’s world is no longer limited to a single country and has over the last few decades seen interesting global developments. Reinsurance and cell captive insurance have become an integral part of enterprise risk management. Reinsurance and cell captive insurance not only provide...

13 July 2017

The development of satellite technology in the last 50 years has ensured that we can now see the world through our TV screens. There is a plethora of channels to choose from including reality TV, sports, documentary and sitcoms.

12 July 2017

It may be the last chance for taxpayers to regularise their tax and exchange control affairs in terms of the window of opportunity afforded by the Tax and Excon Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme (SVDP). Applications for relief under the SVDP operated by SARS and the South African Reserve...

12 July 2017

Africa’s enormous potential as an economic growth hub can be realised by consolidating the region’s economic integration and facilitating trade and labour mobility across the continent.

04 July 2017

In our lives, we face different challenges of a financial nature as we work through our own “Circles of life” – as the movie the Lion King would say. The more things change the more they stay the same and our awareness of these changes and how to plan for them will make all the difference to our...

03 July 2017

Retirement is a lifestyle or financial change and involves leaving employment and or ceasing work at a specified age. The concept was first introduced by the Romans and paid as a pension to reward those who had served in the military.

03 July 2017

Retirement planning is daunting at any time. Knowing how much will be enough for your future hypothetical situation and ensuring that the appropriate financial strategies are in place for any unforeseen happenings is a formidable task.

27 June 2017

Brussels, 27 June 2017 - The 2017 edition of BDO’s annual Telecommunications Risk Factor Survey  reveals  that the number of telecoms giants concerned with regulatory constraints have almost doubled, from 42% to 80% in one year. This contrasts with the 2016 survey results, when currency...

27 June 2017

BDO has investigated the risk, opportunities and challenges of around 60 of the largest fixed line and mobile telco providers across 18 different markets.

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