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10 April 2018

Data volumes continue to grow despite efforts to reduce digital footprints across the organization. Wherever you look, every part of your organization stores data. Do you know where your EU personal data resides? Can you easily find it, correct it, provide a copy of it to a data subject, or even...

04 April 2018

BDO is working proactively with blockchain. We are looking at ways of developing new solutions and services, as well as augmenting existing ones, via blockchain and smart contracts. The goal is to add value to our clients' business processes, drive innovation, boost efficiency and create a 21st...

04 April 2018

The 1st of April 2018 marks the beginning of a number of tax changes in South Africa. One such change is the introduction of the Sugary Beverages levy (SBL).

04 April 2018

As the time to the effective date for the change in VAT rate is fast approaching [1 April 2018], one of the many concerns which taxpayers have is how to complete their VAT returns. This especially relates to vendors who are registered on the bi-monthly basis [Category-B].

04 April 2018

The tax-related consequences will largely depend on the choices the United Kingdom makes at the legislative level. If the United Kingdom chooses to become a member of the EEA, like Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, a major part of EU legislation will simply remain applicable for that country.

04 April 2018

Well over half (57%) of tech companies plan to raise external funding in 2018. Tech companies of all sizes are looking for new funds – particularly those with turnover up to £10m (73%).

14 March 2018

Ready or not, the global oil & gas industry must contend with an ever-changing ‘normal’.

14 March 2018

Mining is in the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, and further digitisation is on the horizon. The value of harnessing technology is obvious. Driverless technology increases mining output by 15 to 20 percent while cutting fuel and maintenance costs by 10 to 15...

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