• How to become a CA

How to become a CA


Thinking of studying to become a CA (SA)? Rest assured, your decision will be a good one. And it will be an even better decision if you choose BDO for your articles.

So how do you become a CA(SA)?

Becoming a Chartered Accountant CA(SA) is your gateway to a challenging but worthwhile career, global mobility, flexibility, and good earning potential in the business field of your choice.

So where do you start?

  1. Matric exemption with Maths (compulsory) and Accountancy (optional)
  2. Attend a university or institution that offers a BCom or equivalent (Accounting) SAICA accredited degree
  3. Do your CTA or BCom (Honours) Accountancy or equivalent accredited degree
  4. Apply for traineeship/articles
  5. During your 3 years traineeship/articles you will then do your Board exam 1 & 2
  6. Once you have passed both – CONGRATS you are a CA(SA)

Take note:

  • Maths literacy will not get you accepted into a CA(SA) degree/programme, you will have to do a bridging course
  • If you are still in the process of doing your CTA, BDO does accept you into traineeship while you persevere.
  • BDO also offer bursaries if you are battling and need assistance. Just view our bursaries page on the website

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