• BDO 2023 Oil and Gas Predictions

BDO 2023 Oil and Gas Predictions

17 October 2019

2023: The near future of oil & gas

In BDO’s 2023: The Near Future of Oil & Gas, BDO’s Oil & Gas leaders around the world make 5 predictions for the global sector by 2023. The predictions include:

  • Nanotechnology will be a key driver of innovation and efficiency at every stage in the oil & gas lifecycle.
  • Companies will substantially increase their investments in cybersecurity as the digital oilfield market surpasses $20 billion.
  • Nearly half of all oil & gas contracts will use blockchain technology, reducing the number of disputes.

Country-specific predictions from BDO sector leaders in the U.S., U.K., Saudi Arabia, Australia and Canada appear in the report as well.

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