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12 January 2021

COVID 19’s impact on the environment has been mixed.  Although the pandemic resulted in improved environmental conditions, there have been other negative effects, some of which are obvious, others less so.

11 January 2021

In a crowded Silicon Valley auditorium, two opponents met on stage to debate. On one side of the stage stood Harish Natarajan, world record-holding debate champion. On the other was “Miss Debater” — an AI system ready to test the limitations of human cognitive capacity. Each debater was given...

11 January 2021

Since the business climate is unsettled and constantly shifting, due to global factors including but not limited to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's natural for directors to wonder whether their companies' strategies are keeping pace.

08 December 2020

In this article of our Rethink - Transfer Pricing series, we discuss how transfer pricing and customs alignment will help companies with cash recovery.

07 December 2020

It was on the 3rd of January 2009, that Satoshi Nakamura mined the first Bitcoin bringing forth into existence the first block of Bitcoin – the Genesis Block. The intention was to create a decentralized alternative medium of exchange to fiat currency (“paper” money not backed by a scarce...

07 December 2020

Insurance companies are resilient entities—some have been around for more than a century. Oftentimes, insurance companies are the first to assist the public in times of recovery, such as after a devastating natural disaster. These expectations did not change when COVID-19 began to spread...

07 December 2020

Climate protection and sustainable business practices have risen significantly on the agenda of bank boards. This partly has to do with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become all too readily apparent just how rapidly - and with previously unimaginable force - societies and economies...

04 December 2020

ESG is not new, but it’s now more important than ever. Material risks of a company are broadening and becoming more complex with the realities of climate change, global health pandemics and rising industrialisation. 

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