• Budget Day 2019

Building our Country – Being the Solution to Growth

We are coming out of a difficult era, with slow economic growth, business and government ethics under intense scrutiny, four Finance Ministers in three years and multiple cabinet shuffles. As we dissect the 2019 Budget Speech, and what it means for South Africa’s future.

Nation-building is the basis on which to ensure that a country takes up an active role within the world community.

We are proud that as a global organisation we can play an active role in our local professional services community and as such, as a much bigger BDO, contribute more effectively to the growth of the country via our tax contributions, job creation, our focus on assisting small to medium size businesses and our role as a training institute in developing future CA(SA)s.

However, there are various facets of Nation building and it can’t be done alone as one business, no matter how big.

A strong and powerful nation is built on dedication and hard work of its citizen and some amount of smart planning on the part of the Government. For South Africa, the annual National Budget Speech is the formalisation of that ‘planning’ from the government.

2018 was clouded by a lack of trust in government, corporations and business leaders due to a lack of transparency.

In 2019, we need to see clarity so that we can give you the order and direction you need to enable your growth as a business and individual.