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At BDO Wealth Advisers our purpose as a business finding solutions to help individuals make better decisions so that their wealth can outlive them while seeing positive contributions in their life. With four independent offices across the country, and a staff complement in excess of 40 people (including Certified Financial Planner Professionals®) - 50% of which are dedicated directly to our clients – it’s easy to see why we have had clients for over 20 years. Being an FPI Approved Professional Practice™ makes our business stand out amongst peers and sends a clear message to you our client that our practice adheres to the highest levels of standards and ethics. It also validates that our practice is following the six step financial planning process and place the needs and objectives of our clients at the heart of our business.

As an FPI Approved Professional Practice ™, we ensure we do what we can to share financial advice far and wide, enhancing the decisions South Africans make in all the do.

As such, each year we take part in the FPI’s Financial Planning Week – first week of September each year – by launching our own content generated Wealth Guide.

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Your business asset is the most valuable asset you will every own (be that a physical business or your employment). Making effective money decisions about your business asset is key to creating real wealth. Our focus in this book is to share insights, experience and guidance on how good money and financial planning decisions will impact on your ability to create wealth through your business asset.

We are proud to launch our second e-Book, titled – The BDO Wealth Advisers’ Guide to being business savvy: making money decisions that create wealth. The aim of the e-book is to, hopefully, educate and upskill young entrepreneurs, start-up owners, those looking to start a business, as well as people who may be looking at investment opportunities, with quick snippets of advice on the various components of starting and running a business – the risk and rewards of starting a business, funding your business or using debt to grow it, buying an existing business over starting one, the business regulatory environment in SA – registering your business, paying taxes, buy and sell agreements, marketing yourself and other burning issues (budding)business owners face but may not have the expertise to understand.

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“I am so glad that we learnt about parallelograms in school rather than tax, it has really come in handy this parallelogram season.” – said no-one ever.

The aim of the e-book is to provide young professionals (and anyone else who may need it) quick snippets of advice on their payslip, looking at elements such as – Cost to Company, Dummy payslip explanation, a real-time budgeting tool, savings, debt, investing and other, usually confusing, topics. Understanding these topics will go a long way in helping the youth of today be a more profitable and ‘saving inclined’ generation so that #OOTD can keep updating and your wallet doesn’t fall behind.

We hope through this book the common myth that professional financial planning is just about recommending financial products will be busted. You will see that through their training and on-the-job experience, financial planners can assist you with your goals such as: buying a home; being able to support loved ones financially; being free of common consumer debt; being prepared for an emergency; retiring in the lifestyle that you want; and successfully managing your finances to achieve your life goals. In fact, consumers working with a CFP ® professional are more successful in sticking to their financial strategies and are more knowledgeable about financial matters (according to a study done by the Financial Planning Institute).