Core values

What matters to our people, matters. At BDO it’s personal.

What are they?
Why do they matter?
And how do they reflect, who we are?

In a world where one can barely keep up with managing the volume of mails in your inbox, it can be hard to take time reflect on a company’s values. But without values, our work means nothing. Our numbers can be correct; our research can be on point; our clients may even be happy. But if we’re not acting from a set of values, something is going to give.

Our Values are critical to us achieving the principles of our Clarity Charter, which is all about clear thinking, clear doing and being clear about what’s appropriate (and what’s not) in the work we do.

Our Values are the foundation in ALL our conversations, ALL our work, ALL our advice and ALL our relationships. They’re a part of our internal culture, how we work, and how we engage.

BDO Values

Our Values together with our Clarity Charter, formalise our own commitment to a higher standard of transparent, ethical and performance-driven delivery.

Watch our BDO Values Manifesto video