Consumer markets

Consumer markets

The retail sector and the FMCG market is evolving continuously and more so under Covid conditions. The pace of technological change, consumers wanting instantaneous responses, and professionals wanting a holistic work life-balance has meant that retailers have had to amend their business models to cater for the changing demands in order to remain relevant.

The manufacturing sector is continuously being challenged with high input costs in their manufacturing processes. They continuously seek innovative ways to reduce their input costs so that margins still remain attractive. More and more businesses are capitalizing on natural resources, such as energy efficient buildings, in an endeavour to contain input costs.

An ageing population together with increasing longevity, invariably results in patients seeking medical breakthroughs and higher demands on medical facilities which are already under strain. The move towards a National Health System has presented further challenges to the private healthcare operating model.

With the advent of, airbnb, Uber and the like, the travel and leisure industry has faced significant challenges in expanding its market share and maintaining its profit margins. The sophisticated traveler is no longer making use of timeshare facilities only but is seeking innovative and value for money products whilst still wanting the best.

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