Public Sector

Public Sector

Challenging times call for transparency and clarity

The National Development Plan 2030 states the following:

South Africa belongs to all its peoples.
We, the people, belong to one another.
We live the rainbow.
Our homes, neighbourhoods, villages, towns,
and cities are safe and filled with laughter.
Through our institutions, we order our lives.
The faces of our children tell of the future we have crafted

As a responsible corporate citizen in our beautiful, culture-rich, transforming country, BDO knows that a high-functioning public sector is a vital pillar for any economy and over the years the need for strategic planning coupled with accountability and transparency has become more and more relevant.

BDO’s understanding of the challenges faced by the public sector, allows us to guide our clients to reach their strategic objectives, which will ultimately allow us to achieve the NDP 2030 goals.

Transparency is fundamental to building trust between governments and their stakeholders, which will create positive dialogue to move society and the economy to a more sustainable, inclusive and developed environment. We support all our Public Sector clients with humility and our overriding objective is to help them perform and achieve their goals.

Our Clarity Charter is our own public commitment as individuals and as a firm to being ethical, independent and quality-driven. We are clear about the future of our industry, delivering on the expectations of our clients and society, and our own role in being a responsible firm. We ensure that we are a deliberate and direct adviser to our Public Sector clients. Clarity underpins all our work at BDO, bringing direction and certainty, and building trust among our people, peers, clients and regulators – something that is paramount when working in the Public Sector.

Our experience cuts across all spheres of government, including National and Provincial Departments, Public Entities (Major entities – Schedule 2, 3A – D), Constitutional Institutions, Municipalities and Municipal entities. We are an adviser of choice as many of our team have worked in the public sector – so have a first-hand understanding of the dynamics of this environment.

BDO offers the following services to the Public Sector:


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