BDO’s 2022 Telecommunications Risk Factor Survey

Telecoms are experiencing unprecedented demand for their services. At the same time, new challenges are appearing with unprecedented speed.

The capital expenditure needed to build out network infrastructure for 5G is a prime example. On one hand, 5G opens possibilities for delivering new products and services. On the other, the vast expenses create economic risks across the board — doubly so during times of increased macroeconomic uncertainty.

Simultaneously, telecoms see competition appearing from angles which would, until recently, have been borderline unthinkable, for example, Elon Musk’s StarLink internet service provider, but many other companies are leveraging cloud and satellite networks to offer communication solutions.

BDO’s 2022 Telecommunications Risk Factor Survey explores how telecoms across the globe view the risk landscape facing them. It charts how the view of specific risks has evolved, and what strategies and initiatives may mitigate said risks.

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