BDO announces strategic partnership with SysAid to unleash next-level business efficiency

BDO announces strategic partnership with SysAid to unleash next-level business efficiency

Prominent South African accounting and auditor firm, BDO South Africa, recently announced its partnership with SysAid, a leading provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. The partnership is set to create a powerful synergy that promises unparalleled value for organisations looking to increase their productivity.

The partnership between BDO and SysAid brings SysAid Copilot, a comprehensive set of generative AI-powered capabilities and the next-gen of ITSM, to companies and industries of all sizes in South Africa. The technology is set to advance organisational productivity and meet the demand for innovative solutions and transformation in IT Service Management. With its robust features and intuitive interface, SysAid Copilot seamlessly integrates with existing systems, offering BDO clients a comprehensive solution to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and elevate their overall business performance.

"BDO has a firm focus to invest in capabilities that enhance productivity and optimise operating efficiencies which elevate our clients' business propositions," says Khaya Mbanga, Head of Digital Advisory, BDO South Africa. "Our partnership with SysAid will go a long way to bring value to our clients through AI-powered, leading IT service management.”

SysAid Copilot is designed to simplify IT service management by providing proactive monitoring, automated workflows, and real-time insights. Its advanced capabilities enable organisations to identify and resolve IT issues swiftly, minimize downtime, and enhance the service experience across the board from end-users to agents. . 

The technology revolutionises service management with its AI Chatbot for End Users, delivering 24/7 conversational self-service through generative AI. Utilising organisational data and verified external sources, employees are empowered to resolve issues seamlessly. While admins retain control via the Monitor and Fine-Tune feature, Guardrails establish clear rules for AI Chatbot usage, safeguarding data privacy and compliance standards. Additionally, AI Intelligent Categorization, configurable through an escalation rule, reduces ticket categorization errors by ~40%, while AI Case Summarisation provides real-time insights into ticket content and employee sentiment with AI Emotion, enhancing overall service efficiency.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with BDO as we drive AI-powered transformation in the vibrant South African market, further bolstering SysAid's global expansion," expressed Avi Kedmi, CEO of SysAid. "Our release of SysAid Copilot in January this year has triggered incredible business momentum, a testament to the demand for innovative solutions and a transformation in IT Service Management With a significant client base in this region, our decision to establish a local presence underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional support and orchestrating service management across enterprises with generative AI, empowering staff to focus on value-driven tasks, and advancing organizational productivity."

The partnership underscores BDO’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and client success. "Our partnership with SysAid represents a significant milestone in our journey to provide best-in-class services. By incorporating SysAid CoPilot into our portfolio, we are empowering our clients to optimise their IT operations, achieve greater efficiency and accelerate sustainable business growth," concludes Mbanga.