• Budget Related Articles

Budget Related Articles

Our experts provide expert advice on what the various changes in the Budget Speech mean for you, your business and your family.


Ferdie Schneider discusses Tax Morality

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Kitlano Holele, Tax Consultant, discusses Budget Speech 2019

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Marcus Botha, Head of Corporate Tax, Budget Speech 2019 expectations

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Seelan Muthayan, Head of Indirect Tax on Budget 2019 hopes

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  1. Budget Speech 2019 - Review
  2. Fuel levy and the Road Accident Fund
  3. VISA requirements are being relaxed to make it easier for tourists to visit and invest in South Africa
  4. Compulsory retirement savings: a plan to help us help ourselves
  5. Budget 2019 – So what can South Africans Expect?
  6. Government's audacious tourism goals: now we need a plan. Fast!
  7. The individual taxpayer continues to bare the burden
  8. Medical tax credits and the NHI
  9. CFCS’(CONTROLLED FOREIGN COMPANIES) tax will be lowered through increasing the exemption!
  10. Tax Budget Proposals
  11. Government active in redressing unemployment ?
  12. The 2019 budget – “plus ca change; plus ca meme chose.”
  13. Special economic zone programme and attracting FDI
  14. Customs and excise and budget 2019 – what to know
  15. VAT on e-services to now incorporate group relief
  16. Property gets a positive boost post budget speech
  17. VAT refund backlog and additional zero-rating
  18. Saving…a habit for growth. Try this next time Tito
  19. Foreign employment income exemption
  20. Sugar Tax Levy


  1. Gigaba’s hidden tax message
  2. VAT Changes from the Budget Speech 2018
  3. Clamp down on corporate covenants
  4. Budget 2018 – No real Surprises!


  1. A Budget that Aims to Make a Difference
  2. Acquisition of Property by all Persons
  3. Are you Paying SARS or you Paying Yourself this Year?
  4. Budget Speech Update - Country-by-Country Reporting - the Compliance Clock is Running Out
  5. Combating Tax Avoidance in Multinational Corporations
  6. Dividends Tax or Anti-Avoidance?
  7. Elimination of Double Non-taxation of Foreign Employment Income Proposed
  8. How to Source 28 Billion in Extra Taxes
  9. New Tax Measure Takes Aim at Offshore Trusts
  10. Populist Policies in Budget Fail to Address Lack of Economic Growth
  11. Pravin's Next Target - VAT on Zero Rated Items
  12. Proposal for New Diesel Refund System in 2017: Will it Address Inequities or Disputes?
  13. Retirement Annuities for Retirees
  14. Sailor Beware!
  15. Sin Taxes: How Much More do we Have to Pay for Our Sins?
  16. Salary Increases: Beware “Bracket Creep”
  17. South Africa’s Budget 2017/18 in Perspective
  18. Sugar Taxes: Health Aid or Budget Band Aid
  19. Tax Free Savings Accounts – From Under-used Investment Vehicle to Tax Haven in one Budget
  20. The Consequences of the Increase in the Dividend Withholding Tax for Smaller Businesses
  21. The Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme - One year on
  22. VAT Changes from the Budget Speech 2017
  23. Who Will be Funding the South African Budget Deficit?
  24. Why Break the news over breakfast?
  25. Why Do we have a National Budget?