Let’s be clear…

What is the Clarity Charter?

The Clarity Charter is our firm’s pledge to be ethical, independent and quality driven. It is a pledge that we would like all staff to agree to follow. We chose to use the word Clarity because by speaking truthfully, honestly and being transparent in our work, we can make a positive change in the profession.

Why a Charter?

A formal Charter shows just how seriously we take honesty and transparency. It is part of who we are, we live it, we commit to it, to have it written down makes it real, tangible and something we can all live by.

How will this impact BDO in South Africa?

Being ethical, independent and quality-driven is nothing new to us. The Clarity Charter formalises the way we choose to work. It shines a light on us and our work to remind us, and all our stakeholders, that what we do and how we do it is important to us all – as individuals, as a firm and as a profession.