Lesego Mpete

Corporate Benefits Consultant

BDO Johannesburg

+27 (0) 10 060 5000

+27 (0) 11 488 1710



“I am a people person. But for the longest time I believed that I was shy. My role in the employee-benefits space has taught me that I’m actually comfortable doing a presentation and talking to large groups of people. In high school I thought I would never be able to do that. Those settings allow me to explain in one session, to large numbers of people, how their benefits work. I enjoy enlightening them, so that they see the power behind a retirement fund, and the power behind insurance. After our sessions, many of them are relieved to know what the deductions coming off their salary entitle them to. It’s about anticipating and relieving the financial strain that can result from a life crisis. We can help to lift that burden, and to alleviate the uncertainty.” I grew up in Soweto. My father was a school principal, and my mother worked at the bank. They are retired now, and I use them as my financial role models. They managed their investments prudently and now that they are retired, they’re self-sufficient.”


Lesego joined BDO in 2010 as a Claims Administrator which is where she had first-hand insight into the Employee Benefits world and the importance of having and Employee Benefits Pan in place for a company. She then moved on to become a Fund Administrator where she interacted more with employers. In dealing directly with employers as well as members of Employer Groups, Lesego found her passion which is consulting.

Lesego’s skills include:

  • Presentations on Employee Benefit Plans
  • Inductions for new members
  • Consultation on benefit funds

Lesego’s passion for consulting stems from the realisation of how important provision for one’s retirement is and the benefits of belonging to an Employer Group Fund. Interacting with members to breakdown Employee Benefits to a level where they can understand their cover is one of Lesego’s strengths


  • Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Economy
  • Regulation Exam level 1
  • Currently studying towards a Higher Certificate in Financial Planning


Lesego is married to Clive and they have a daughter. Her interests include being involved in mentorship programmes for learners in High Schools.