Radhika Daya-Mistry

Associate Financial Planner

BDO Johannesburg

+27 (0) 10 060 5000

+27 83 489 3204

+27 10 060 5869




Radhika joined BDO in January 2016 after graduating from The University of Johannesburg. She passed her Certified Financial Planner® competency exam during 2016 and is currently a Representative under Supervision. Radhika has gained significant experience during her trainee and mentorship programme across a range of personal financial planning disciplines. She is on track to qualify for the Certified Financial Planner® professional designation by the end of 2018.

Radhika is passionate about educating her clients on establishing good money habits in order to set a foundation for financial wellbeing.


  • BCom Finance (UJ, 2014)
  • BCom Honours in Financial Planning (UJ, 2015)
  • Certified Financial Planner® competency exam (2016)
  • Licenced CFP® representative under Supervision


She is married to Sachin. She enjoys travelling to new destinations and gaining new experiences, reading and has a preference for good food.