Radhika Daya-Mistry, CFP®, Financial Planner

“I started out studying pharmacy, choosing to follow health sciences as I have always wanted to help people. Ironically, the pharmacy option didn’t work out, but one of our other university courses was financial planning, and that is where I found my true calling – another way to help others. An exciting part of my job is comparing notes with colleagues on the ideal way to help our clients realise their financial goals. It can sometimes become a bit of a debate, as we all hold strong opinions and all of us put our clients’ wellbeing front and centre. Clients have entrusted us with their finances, their most precious asset. We appreciate that responsibility and take it very seriously. I am passionate about the role and about ensuring the clients know their options and make informed choices..”


Radhika joined BDO in January 2016 after graduating from The University of Johannesburg. She passed her Certified Financial Planner® competency exam during 2016 and is currently a Representative under Supervision. Radhika has gained significant experience during her trainee and mentorship programme across a range of personal financial planning disciplines. She is on track to qualify for the Certified Financial Planner® professional designation by the end of 2018.

Radhika is passionate about educating her clients on establishing good money habits in order to set a foundation for financial wellbeing.


  • BCom Finance (UJ, 2014)
  • BCom Honours in Financial Planning (UJ, 2015)
  • Certified Financial Planner® competency exam (2016)
  • Licenced CFP® representative under Supervision


She is married to Sachin. She enjoys travelling to new destinations and gaining new experiences, reading and has a preference for good food.