Ricardo Teixeira

Ricardo Teixeira

COO Wealth Advisory


“Before deciding how much money you need, it is so important to ask yourself what drives your happiness. A fundamental shifting point that helped me realise this was the book How Much Is Enough? By Arun Abey. My aha moment was realising that money is the means to living, not the end in itself. I also had a health scare in 2008 that made me really interrogate my purpose in life. These issues of purpose and happiness are at the heart of financial planning. If you know yourself, then you’ll know what you want and need, and you’ll be able to tailor your financial planning to suit that. If you can articulate your purpose, it will also be so much easier to put your money to good use. I try to share this insight with clients and to help them apply it to their lives through the advice that we give. I’ve completed the Duzi Canoe Marathon a couple of times, which made me realise that as human beings, we can really accomplish anything we put our minds to. Starting with your purpose in mind, you can achieve anything”


Ricardo has been able to develop a unique blend of skills that combines, his commercial knowledge as a Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner ® professional, vast business and legislative experience in a range of roles across financial services and property development, together with strong EQ and interpersonal skills. His core skills are:

  • Business management and coaching
  • Business strategy
  • Professional fee based financial planning

Ricardo is an accomplished public speaker on industry platforms and on national television. His has extensive media and public exposure including industry presentations, guest interviews on TV business news channels and contributor to financial services industry print media.

Ricardo has a passion for people and business, which through his role in BDO Wealth Advisers he is able to apply his commercial acumen and experience too.


  • Chartered Accountant South Africa
  • Certified Financial Planner® professional
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Higher Diploma in International Tax Law
  • Advanced Diploma in Property Practice
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Commerce