Zanele Kunene

Associate Financial Planner

BDO Pretoria

+27 (0) 10 060 5000

+27 (0) 76 450 3348

+27 (0) 12 433 0261



“Financial psychology is one of the most useful fields I have encountered. You can’t just create a budget without knowing where the client is coming from. If you can structure your communication in a way that speaks a client’s language, then they are able to connect with you better. Every client’s relationship with money dates back to when they were young, and the financial plan we create for them should express that. Above all, it should be relatable, and human. Robo-advice is not poised to take over the industry, because financial planning needs that human element. The computer doesn’t understand when you’re crying. It’s a trust relationship that requires a human connection. My passion for financial planning is mostly to educate those who are not exposed to financial information, about the variety of products available. It’s fulfilling to watch people make better decisions and start to live their best life. It’s all possible. Education is key. Only when you know something do you do better. Knowledge is power..”


Zanele joined BDO, under a Wealth Trainee mentorship graduate programme in 2017. As an assistant planner, in the wealth department, she aims to gain the required 3 years of experience and her CFP designation.


  • Bcom Finance degree from the University of Johannesburg
  • Honours in Financial Planning from the University of Johannesburg