Zikona Stokwe

Assistant Financial Planner

BDO Parktown

+27 (0) 11 488 1717



“Being able to assist people in providing financial security for themselves is a golden opportunity for me, as it is exactly the field I studied and it’s a realisation of my vision and life purpose. The role also suits my sociable personality. I have spent time working in Cape Town, which I at first found rather lonely, as I have no family or friends there. However, the experience was a learning one, as I was forced to get out, go hiking and experience the place. This led me to make friends – proving that even apparent difficulties can have a positive outcome.I have gained experience working with the financial planners on the BDO team, and I have a clear path mapped out towards a career as a financial planner. The vision is to ensure that clients get to the correct financial decisions. Financial planning requires being a good listener, so that we can understand our client’s lives and can then provide the right advice within that context.”


Zikona joined BDO on the 1st of February 2017, in the role of a wealth trainee after obtaining her qualifications from the University of Johannesburg.


  • Bcom finance (UJ)
  • Bcom honours in Financial Planning(UJ)


Her career gaols include furthering her studies by writing the board exams (CFP) and becoming a certified financial planner.