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20 February 2019

With no mention of tourism in the budget speech, it remains clear that government does not take tourism seriously, we talk the talk (in SONA we set audacious growth targets of growing foreign arrivals from 10 million to 21 million by 2030) but there is no indication of walking the walk (the...

20 February 2019

Personal Income Tax (PIT) is one of the tax pillars and contributes around 38 per cent of the total tax take. The individual taxpayer continues to be burdened with the larger portion of the tax budget as PIT rates remain unchanged, no CPI (inflationary) adjustment for bracket creep and rebates...

20 February 2019

With the annual treasury budget now done, an interesting thought exercise is to consider: “What would the dream budget have looked like?” In other words, what fundamental policy changes could we make to structurally improve the prospects of all South Africans.

20 February 2019

South Africa’s Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs) do invaluable work uplifting communities and benefiting underprivileged people across our country. Sadly, most of these entities do not have the resources to ensure that they are fully tax compliant.

18 February 2019

Our  president’s acknowledgement in his State of the Nation Address of the  importance of tourism to our economy is to be welcomed. So too is his audacious  target of raising tourism numbers to 21 million per annum by 2030. The  challenge is now to put his encouraging words into action, and...

15 February 2019

Often, when dealing with our clients’ trust matters, we are asked whether the client’s brother/sister/closest friend would be a suitable independent trustee for their trust.

15 February 2019

As we stand at the dawn of the next industrial revolution and automation technology, what will it take for professionals and businesses alike to succeed and keep ahead of the pack? Should we shy away from automation, artificial intelligence, changes in the economy or policy framework, and should...

14 February 2019

A Small Business Corporation (or SBC) may qualify for favourable tax treatment if it meets certain requirements in the Income Tax Act (ITA). The benefits, requirements, and common pitfalls are summarised below.

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