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19 January 2017

ESMA can be expected to influence the JSE in its pro-active monitoring. Note that they are looking for hard information on the impacts of IFRS 9, IFRS 15 and IFRS 16.

19 January 2017

This bulletin indicates that they will be looking for more informative disclosure on the effects the new standards (IFRS 9, 15 and 16) will have. The JSE is a member of IOSCO, so when IOSCO give this emphasis the JSE will as well. The boiler plate “still being considered” will not do.By...

19 January 2017

Foreign currency transactions and advance payments – this question frequently arises and this bulletin puts the matter beyond doubt.

19 January 2017

The latest ESMA findings from their review of European company financial statements shows a number of softer, qualitative matters – judgements, IFRS 7 risk disclosures, impairment disclosure and sensitivity.

19 January 2017

The latest IFRS In Practice publication dealing with IFRS 15 in some detail. The IASB IFRS 15 transition resource group has considered a range of difficult areas of application of IFRS 15 and this bulletin includes their conclusions. It will be a very useful reference source.

13 January 2017

Transfer pricing is increasingly influencing significant changes in tax legislation around the world. This 22nd issue of BDO’s Transfer Pricing Newsletter focuses on recent developments in the field of transfer pricing in Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, Spain and Vietnam. For transfer pricing...

12 December 2016

The current South African economic environment is challenging, to say well the least. The economy has slowed, and concerns are being raised as to whether economic growth pick up or slow down, the looming credit rating downgrade, and following the tabling and subsequent withdrawal of fraud charges...

02 December 2016

As the South African member firm of BDO International, with offices in over 150 countries, we have been delivering exceptional service to our clients since 1963.

01 December 2016

IFRS Intelligence is a regular newsletter that provides an update on new BDO International IFRS publications and reference material. In addition, it includes a complete list of publications and reference material that is available for your use.

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