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23 May 2018

Cybersecurity is a growing risk factor in the Private Equity (PE) marketplace within the U.S. and worldwide. Cyber-attacks are increasing in sophistication and magnitude of impact across all industries globally. According to a recent report issued by the U.S. Security Exchange Commission (SEC...

23 May 2018

The BDO Expatriate Newsletter provides a brief overview of issues affecting international assignees, predominantly, but not exclusively, from a tax and social security perspective.This newsletter brings together individual country updates over recent months. As you will appreciate the wealth of...

17 May 2018

Retirement is a lifestyle or financial change and involves leaving employment and or ceasing work at a specified age. The concept was first introduced by the Romans and paid as a pension to reward those who had served in the military. In the 19th century, the German chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck,...

16 May 2018

The South African Mining industry looks set to enjoy a much-needed reprieve as 2018 shapes to be the year the industry can catch its breath. It is still very dependent on the discussions between the Chamber of Mines and Department of Mineral Resources to finalise the Charter and impasse. The...

04 May 2018

Having worked in the accounting profession for more than 20 years, largely assisting small and medium-sized businesses across a diverse range of industries, I have gained some valuable insights into what makes a small business thrive, or fail.

04 May 2018

How many other businesses are going after your target customers? What are they offering and how are they delivering it? Answering these questions will help you build a competitive strategy and make your business stronger. Here’s how to do it.

24 April 2018

Several countries have abolished net wealth taxation over the last two decades. These include a number of developed countries such as Denmark, Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Spain (partly reintroduced in 2011). The main reasons include the rising costs of classification and measurement of net...

24 April 2018

With the increase in the VAT rate effective from 1 April, one of the many concerns which taxpayers still have, is how to complete their VAT returns. This especially relates to vendors who are registered on the bi-monthly basis [Category-B].

20 April 2018

Recent reports that the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) would seek to split the structure and functioning of audit and advisory firms lacks the clarity that would be expected from an announcement of this magnitude.

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