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08 August 2018

The recent improvements in computer networking technology coupled with highly efficient storage mechanisms have led to the rise of high-speed connectivity and given organisations and individuals the ability to move large amounts of data / information over the internet to cloud storage.

07 August 2018

A recent ruling by the Constitutional Court clarified sections of the Labour Relations Act, confirming that in the case of an employee assigned to a client company by a Temporary Employment Service (TES), or labour broker, for the first three months the TES is the employer, after which the client...

03 August 2018

The highly-regarded BDO publication Horizons reveals that  global mid-market M&A activity in Q2 2018 dropped 6.6%; in other words, a total of 1,782 deals were registered, representing a total deal value of US$ 157.8bn - or a 4.5% drop - compared to Q1 of this year.

01 August 2018

BDO’s Cyber Threats Insights covers cybersecurity incidents that occurred around the world the past quarter. It provides not only the significant global cybersecurity events, attacks and campaigns, but also a perspective on notable new attack tools, techniques and malware. The special focus in...

31 July 2018

If you are considering the sale of your business you want to make absolutely sure that you squeeze every last drop of value out of the sale. More often than not, the creation of your company has been your life’s work, and you do not want to be left with a sour taste by cashing out too cheaply...

23 July 2018

As global mobility increases it is becoming common for high net wealth families to own homes in a number of countries, as well as investing in commercial and other real estate outside of their country. Often this can be driven by their children who have chosen to undertake their university...

23 July 2018

In this new article BDO UK Tax partner and Head of BDO Global Private Client Services, Wendy Walton, shares her perspective on current global trends in private wealth – pointing to some of the latest research.  This is the first in a series of articles from BDO Global Private Client Services in...

20 July 2018

Brussels, 16th July 2018 – the newly released BDO 2018 Telecommunications Risk Factor Survey reveals that telecommunications executives have relegated disruption from new technologies to third place in their risk top 5: the number one risk identified by 60 telecommunications companies surveyed...

20 July 2018

The BDO Expatriate Newsletter provides a brief overview of issues affecting international assignees, predominantly, but not exclusively, from a tax and social security perspective.This newsletter brings together individual country updates over recent months. As you will appreciate the wealth of...

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