• FAQs


1. What do you look for in a Trainee?
  • Enthusiasm
  • Good communication skills
  • Preferably doing ITC
  • Sense of fun
  • Dedication
  • Attention to detail
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Academics – potential to pass both board exams
2. Do you offer Bursaries? Yes – Thuthaka bursaries via SAICA and bursaries based on Transformation criteria and bursary requirements. Type of bursaries: From grade 12 students, 1st – 3rd year and CTA students.
3. Do you take on undergraduates or part-time Honours people? A minimum requirement is relevant degree & CTA.
4. If I am studying Hons Part-time and working full-time, what support can you give me? Audit Managers/Seniors will gladly assist with any study query you may have. You get time off study and all trainees are assigned a mentor to guide and grow them.
5. How do I apply for your vac work programme? Register on BDO careers webpage www.bdo.co.za/careers - you need to apply in advance. Attach a copy of your matric certificate and academic transcripts.
6. How many trainees do you take on each year?
Cape Town: 70
PE: 15
JHB: 121
Pretoria: 17
7. Can I apply if I am only in my 1st / 2nd year? Yes, we welcome early applications. This is also an opportunity to apply for vac work and to get to know us as soon as possible. We gave specialised vac work programmes for 1st, 2nd and 3nd year students
8. How long does the entire application process take? Recruitment takes place throughout the year (dependent on qualification level)
9. What does BDO stand for? These are the initials of the surname of the funding members of BDO International i.e. Binder, Dijker, Otte
10. What growth is available after I leave articles?

We are growing and always want people who aspire to be more. You need to prove that are someone the firm wants to retain.

BDO has a career path in place for all members of staff is agreed in your performance appraisal (individually tailored) – you have a say about where you want to grow and how and you want to achieve your goal. Our career path include assessment centres, Training Course, Mentorships and one-on-one guidance – just to name a few!

Careers opportunities include other functions in BDO it’s not only about auditing!

11. Tell me about secondments? A secondment is an international arrangement between BDO Member firms for the temporary transfer of stuff (only after article & qualification as CA (SA)). BDO (SA) currently provides the most outward bound really is your oyster. Job placement: You apply directly on the BDO.co.za website and liaise with the HR Manager.
12. What does a Trainee Accountant actually do?

Plan, execute and finalise an audit.

Audit – is the preparation of an audit file containing evidence – this is to ensure that financials presented are not materially incorrect

Most importantly – you never stop learning

13. What type of client base do you have? Our clients cover the full spectrum form listed companies to smaller private companies, trust and body corporates as well as the public sector. You will be exposed to full range of experience from auditing, accounting, aspects of personal financial planning, general business advice and tax. Each office varies with regards to the client base. When in your interview find out more about that specific office.
14. Do you offer market- related salaries and if how are they made up Definitely, we participate in numerous annual salary surveys and observe SAICA’s guideline to ensure that we compensate our staff appropriately. All our salaries are on a TCC (Total to company) package.

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