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07 November 2017

In the final webinar of the 2017 series, we will describe how globally mobile employees can impact your company's permanent establishment in other countries under the new Base Erosion and Profit Shifting rules.

26 September 2017

In the second webinar of the 2017 series we will discuss the implications of sending employees abroad for repeated or lengthy short term business trips. 

26 June 2017

The legislation is very wide in scope and applies to the failure to prevent the facilitation of UK and overseas tax evasion. Although a strict liability offence, there is a defence of having reasonable and proportionate prevention procedures in place.

01 March 2016

With the international tax landscape becoming more and more transparent there is a real focus on businesses requiring a clearly defined international tax structure. At the first of our International Tax Webinar series 2016, our speakers will focus on international tax structuring and the aims and...

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