Introducing a world first – the app store for digital applications which automate parts of the audit function for audit teams and businesses. The world is moving to a platform-based data led environment and B-Digital is our response to this while at the same time encompassing an exceptional client experience.

B-Digital hosts a suite of web-apps, which are developed by our team of assurance, advisory and valuation specialists. These teams are enabled by our team of Data Scientists and together, based on their understanding of a variety of professional services functions, they develop applications where value can be brought in through efficiency, maximising assurance while providing continuous assurance.

In a world of decreasing professional services and specialist resources with increasing quality requirements, the need to digitise professional services is essential to deliver higher margins and higher quality.

On B-Digital you will be able to access our applications and use them in any country across the world, through the push of a button. Don’t find an application that works for your country or company? Contact us and let’s make it work for your needs or create one that will work in your market.