New perspectives. That’s what BDO wants to offer you. Auditing has changed globally and locally over the last few years. Clients and regulators demand greater care, scrutiny, quality and ethics from their audit and professional services partner. At BDO, we want to help you get a fresh angle on your business, so you can make the right decisions to increase the agility, strength and success of your organisation. BDO is eager to look ahead with you.

Together we will gain new insights and new opportunities in your market and together we will create new perspectives. With 1 733 professionals in 9 offices across South Africa, coupled with our global resources, responsiveness and relationship-driven approach, we shine a unique lens on clients’ businesses to see the people beyond the numbers and establish where they are going.

For more than 50 years, BDO has worked with thousands of clients in exploration, production and service companies to provide customised solutions through resources in every major. Natural Resources business centre in the world. Our nimble teams are adept at assisting clients address the major issues facing companies in today’s evolving marketplace:

  • Managing projects in multiple countries with varied regulatory and political risks
  • Financing and tax planning
  • Infrastructure to support projects in isolated regions and offshore
  • Market price volatility and instability impacting demand in all industries
  • Evolving and complex regulatory environments, ranging from environmental regulations to changing accounting standards
  • An increasingly complex network of suppliers with new relationships to manage
  • Difficulty finding good talent and experience in management and in the field

In South Africa, we have developed and reviewed financial models for both renewable energy and fossil fuels. Specifically, we have experience in: Development of the financial model (copartners); Review of the inputs, Taxation advice, Preparation of the proposal documentation, and Physical compilation of the proposal/bid.

To date we have been involved in:

  • The bid preparation for two solar plants, one of which is currently in operation;
  • Performing outsourced accounting services including back office administration, public officer and bookkeeping services to several energy clients including the likes of Enel, Nordex, and Turner Inner Gear;
  • Auditing several energy sector clients across the country;
  • Proving taxation advice – individual, corporate and expatriate;
  • Setting up of corporate structures for companies expanding into South Africa and Africa (through our Africa Desk); and
  • Reviewing financial models for accuracy as well as compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Requirements as well as local tax legislation.