Can we get a shot in the arm for Chrometophobia?

It has been very interesting to watch the changes in the TV newscasts over the last few months.

Not so long ago, all we saw were pretty pictures of the Corona Virus splashed all over our screens, together with the grim infection and death statistics as they marched ever higher.

These images were complemented by views of deserted downtown areas around the world in various cities and towns.

Now things have changed and all we seem to see are repetitive shots of people receiving – well – a shot in the arm and for those of you with Trypanophobia*, nothing could possibly deter you more from lining up to receive a shot in the arm could it?

I could not help but draw something of a parallel with this and peoples’ unwillingness or fear to confront their financial affairs or Chrometophobia* as it is more commonly called!

Imagine if we showed the same level of interest in receiving a shot in the arm against Covid as we would with receiving a dose of good financial advice?

Regular Financial Planning is not dissimilar to this shot in the arm – let’s look at some of the parallels:

  • Both processes are relatively painless.
  • There are few, if any side effects.
  • They will ultimately prevent serious implications in the future.
  • But they have to be carried out on a yearly basis so that the changes and mutations to the virus are counteracted.

We all know that prevention is better than anything else, so just imagine for a moment that people regarded regular financial planning in the same way as they are looking at this shot in the arm for protection against Covid.

Just as long as it is administered by someone trained in the process.

Beware the man at the robot with a syringe and an offer to give you a shot in the arm!

David Crossley
19 March 2021

  • Trypanophobia – Morbid fear of medical procedures.
  • Chrometophobia – Morbid fear of money.

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