Global Workplace Survey Report

  • How the office is evolving to meet our new reality
  • Lessons from the pandemic and lasting effects on BDO workplace culture
  • Findings from BDO Global survey across the BDO network

At the end of 2021, BDO Global Real Estate & Construction Industry group surveyed the 167 BDO member firms. The global network represents a detailed cross-section of social, cultural, and management approaches to work life in light of the worldwide pandemic.

The survey shows how work is evolving together with the shape and role of the office. BDO Managing Partners shared lessons learned and effective strategies deployed to chart a path through a generational event. Here, the survey reveals remarkable overlaps and common patterns. They point to hard work, innovation, and embracing changes to the office and management styles as core initiatives.

Global Workplace survey report: The Post-COVID Changes to BDO Office Life

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