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14 October 2020

Every quarter we release a new issue of our bespoke industry publication, Beneath the Surface. An in-depth look into the state of the Natural Resources industry from our local and global Natural Resources experts.

08 September 2020

This work represents BDO’s latest insights into future global tech hubs. Leveraging the collective expertise of BDO’s partners around the globe, we review each location’s benefits and advantages for start-ups, scale-ups, established businesses and investors looking to expand internationally. From...

02 September 2020

The logic behind modern day computers came from the early 1800’s, and not for the purposes that we use them for today. Computers were created to solve an interesting number calculation crisis in the United State of America.

31 August 2020

The word “Nano” means very small- smaller than microscopic. 1To envision this technology, imagine all tech that you may see and use daily, such as your smart phone, smart watch, and laptop. Now imagine being able to use the same technology that is a fraction of the actual size. As markets have...

21 August 2020

The internet is synonymous with the Cloud. At the consumer level, it usually refers to photo, video or document storage (like iCloud, OneDrive or Dropbox), that can be accessed from anywhere. But Cloud computing refers to anything that involves delivering services over the internet, as opposed to...

18 August 2020

RPA is the application of programmable software that is customised to automate routine, low-complexity and repetitive tasks without the use of additional human input.

14 August 2020

The use of Big Data and Data Science encompasses a number of innovative, game changing, initiatives and possibilities. Gartner defines Big Data as a “high-volume, high-velocity and/or high-variety information assets that demand costeffective, innovative forms of information processing that enable...

11 August 2020

BDO has released its most up to date guidance on IAS 36, Impairment of Assets. The recent effects of COVID-19 have highlighted the amount of complexity that may arise as entities apply IAS 36 to test for impairment on their PP&E, lease assets, goodwill and intangibles.

28 July 2020

The internet has changed the way information is shared across platforms and blockchain is changing the we transact. Blockchain technology is amongst one of the most disruptive technology globally. Various industries are adopting the use of blockchain technology for innovation and to gain a...

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