Digital transformation

We assess and analyse your organisation’s current understanding and consumption of digital technologies and recommend ways to both improve your short-term performance and strengthen the achievement of your long-term goals.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is about leveraging the most appropriate digital technologies to improve facets of a business, fundamentally changing how an organisation operates and delivers value to its customers. It could also mean a change of organisational behaviour and culture, challenging the existing situation and being comfortable with experimentation that results in both strategic quick wins and long-term value.

Benefits from digital transformation

BDO can assist in making digital technologies work for you by reducing operating costs and assisting to increase revenues through a variety of solutions: -

  • Identify quick wins to propel your business forward within the data, process, and technology realm
  • Standardise, optimise and automate manual business processes for efficiencies, faster processing and reduced labour cost
  • Make sense out of your data quicker for effective, intelligent and data-driven business decision making
  • Migrate key workloads to the cloud and extend your gains from your cloud investment
  • Using the cloud application modernisation with an agile delivery strategy will increase value for users and enterprises
  • Encourage an innovative, forward-thinking culture among your stakeholders, employees, and customers

How BDO digital advisory can help

BDO Digital Advisory can assist in achieving concrete results for your company and establishing business agility through tailored solutions based on an assessment of your current capabilities:

  1. Help in crafting responsive operational frameworks that are responsive and use valuable data and insights
  2. Envisage an enterprise-wide digital strategy that makes the most of digital technologies
  3. Identify new revenue sources and market expansion possibilities
  4. Rethink and redefine how you engage with clients, employees, and potential collaborators
  5. Assist you in making decisions on how to utilize or adopt emerging technologies

Digital transformation services offered: -

  • Digital transformation strategy: collaborate with your organisation to create a roadmap of initiatives that support business goals using our digital transformation framework and tools
  • Digital maturity assessments: critical assessment of the adoption of digital technologies, digital awareness, and digital literacy of your organisation to produce a level of digital maturity that reflects the value that digital transformation can still bring to your enterprise
  • Digital transformation workshops: themed workshops focusing on specific areas of business that could benefit from the infusion of identified digital technologies. Includes facilitation of internal digitally aligned workshops for specific outcomes.