Revenue assurance

Revenue Assurance

As BDO we have an effective, tried and tested approach, which is customized to your business needs, that we undertake when assisting our clients with Revenue Assurance. The approach we take is dependent on the size of your organisation as well as your specific revenue processes that have been implemented.

The approach we take when delivering our service on Revenue Assurance includes:

  • Identification of revenue related risks.
  • Recommendations for addressing the revenue risks identified.
  • Review of the revenue processes and controls.
  • Gap assessment of the revenue process and identification of enhancement opportunities.
  • Review of the measurement and accuracy of the revenue process performance within your organisation.
  • Identification of possible and historic revenue leakage through use of advanced data analysis.

Through our Revenue Assurance services BDO will assist you in realizing the following benefits in your revenue process:

  • Improving your processes around revenue generation.
  • Detecting / Preventing revenue leakage from occurring.
  • Reducing the operating costs surrounding the revenue process.
  • Enhancing your cash flow by ensuring that billing is done accurately and in a timely manner.

As BDO we will assist you with answers to the following critical questions that are relevant to your business from a revenue perspective:

  • Are all billable events being captured?
  • Are we billing accurately for all the billable events that have occurred?
  • Is the revenue being recognized (collected) for all the amounts that have been billed?